• Stay in lanes – do not walk between targets.

  • Place bow in front of target (or in lane if it’s a longer lane) when looking for arrows.

  • All children or at risk adults must be accompanied by parent(s) and/or guardian(s) at all times.

  • Keep area clean.

  • Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park in lanes.

  • No broadhead or “hunting” arrows allowed.

  • No shooting of firearms or crossbows at targets. Only approved archery equipment can be used for archery range.

  • No “high” or “sky” draws which is drawing above horizontal. Keep bow level or pointed towards the ground.

  • Be respectful and courteous to other archers using the range.

  • No smoking or vaping on the shooting line. Smoking or vaping should be done near Fred’s Shed.

  • No personal motorized vehicles on the range unless they are a medically approved aid.


If you witness someone shooting broadheads, crossbows, firearms or vandalizing club property, call Melbourne Police and the Park Ranger.

Do not confront these individuals yourself.

  • If an emergency: 911

  • Non-emergency number for Melbourne Police if people are caught vandalizing club property or shooting broadheads into club targets: 321-608-6731

  • Call the ranger/ security at the Park/Ranger Office: 321-255-4307 and report the situation.

  • If there is no answer – call the mobile ranger number: 321-302-1734

Range Procedures and Comments

  • Front Gate

  • Unless there is a Brevard Archers event or Brevard Archers Group Lesson in progress it is the responsibility of each member to remember to lock the front gate after entering or exiting the range.

  • Do not leave the lock unattended while open, lock the gate or lock the lock to the provided eyebolt if gate is allowed to be open.

  • Tumble the lock.

  • Target Boxes

  • Unless there is a Brevard Archers event in progress it is the responsibility of each member to remember to lock the target boxes after use.

  • Do not leave the lock unattended while open, lock the lock on the target box while shooting.

  • Tumble the lock.

  • Range Procedures

  • When shooting always straddle the shooting line that runs down the middle of the concrete walkway.

  • Use “range hot” and “range cold” signals to indicate when to shoot or retrieve arrows.

  • A designated person or common agreement between the shooters should be made to determine who will be making range hot/cold directions.

  • Entering Shooting Area from 3D or Connex Area

  • To warn shooters at the line that someone is coming out of the 3D or Connex areas, please ring the bell that is located at the juncture between these areas and the range. The ringing bell should be followed by a “range cold” verbal response from the shooters at the line. Be sure that you either hear this acknowledgement or ensure that no one is shooting before you enter the shooting area.

  • Target Conservation

  • Please conserve our target butts by moving your targets around the butt.

  • Comments on Broadheads

  • Wickham Park and Brevard Archers do not allow broadheads in the archery range.

  • It is not allowed to bring your own target and shoot broadheads at it.