Single membership


The Single Membership is prorated on a monthly basis and expires on December 31 this year unless you choose to renue prior to that date.  Yearly renuals start on January 1 of the next year.

Members enjoy the ability to post images, create topics and reply to others posts in the forum; have access to the gate and target codes; and, get a reduced entry fee for all Brevard Archers events.

We would like to encourage you to indicate your willingness to participate in one of the club’s committies. These are as follows:

EXECUTIVE: The club officers and invited others form the executive committee. This body is responsible for the overall running and maintenance of the club and receives all reports and notifications from the other committees. The executive committee is responsible for the selection of other committee leads and for the overall keeping of schedules and club related activities to insure that they remain active and responsive to the needs of the club according to their specific areas of concern. This committee may form and dissolve other special or temporary committees based upon the needs of the club.

CLUB EVENTS: Organizes and supervises the tournaments held by the club. Including the collection of fees, archer results, target usage and event advertisement. Range safety and shooter management at events is managed by this committee.

MAINTENANCE: Organizes and supervises the maintenance of the outdoor shooting ranges, the clubhouse grounds, parking area, and land area, other than shooting range. Organize and supervise the obtaining and gluing of targets and repair and maintenance of 3D targets for club shoots and tournaments, including league activities and replacement of targets around the range as needed between tournaments and league shooting. Arranges for and schedules maintenance days or work days that involve all participating members.

MEMBERSHIP: Arranges for and obtains membership for the club. Responsible for maintaining current lists of members, their status, addresses, email, phone numbers and other information necessary to determine who is and who is not a member. Responsible for providing communication to the members either via email, phone or the website about payment, renewal or other membership issues. Provides for the collection and distribution of membership fees. Provides membership statistics and member information to the executive committee. Provides for membership participation verification.

SOCIAL & PUBLIC: Seeks to constantly improve the image of the club in the eyes of the general public. To see that invitations are extended to all interested parties in connection with the club are properly publicized. To advertise and arrange for trips to other clubs for archery events. Inform club membership of other events around the state and to update the site calendar for events that our membership might be interested. Responsible for photographing and documenting club archery and other events.

PHYSICAL RESOURCES: Manages the club’s physical assets including target, bow and arrow inventories. Management of repair and maintenance requirements and interaction with the MAINTENANCE committee.

BUDGET & FINANCE: Prepares the club’s budget and manages club expenses and physical improvement plans. Pay for all club expenses and maintenance of club financial records and government forms and contracts interacts with the Treasurer.

PLANNING: Select group with invited members that are responsible for the future operation of the club, plans extensions of club facilities and for the ongoing trouble shooting of any problems that the club is experiencing.

WEB SITE: Responsible for the hosting, creation, maintenance and modification of the www.BrevardArchers.comwebsite. This committee receives requests for access or functionality from the executive committee and responds to these requests by implementing the requested functions or access requirements on the club’s website. This committee can be accessed by other committees to assess the viability of the request and to implement those requests approved by the EXECUTIVE committee.

TRAINING: Responsible for the training of beginning, intermediate and advanced archers. It is responsible for the creation and scheduling of archery training events and lessons. Including the acquisition and payment of qualified archery instructors, producing the advertisements for the lessons and for maintenance student lists, collection of money and reports to the executive committee. TRAINING interacts with other committees for website and other resources.

If you have questions or need clarification please send an email to