Archery Guide

Safety Rules:

This guideline is for all people who use the archery range at Wickham Park.

These safety rules and range procedures help keep archery safe and enjoyable for everyone.


  • Stay in lanes – do not walk between targets.
  • Place bow in front of target (or in lane if it’s a longer lane) when looking for arrows.
  • Children must be supervised.
  • Keep area clean.
  • Do not park in lanes.
  • No broadhead or “hunting” arrows allowed.
  • No shooting of firearms or crossbows at targets. Only approved archery equipment can be used for archery range.
  • No “high” or “sky” draws which is drawing above horizontal. Keep bow level or pointed towards the ground.
  • Be respectful and courteous to other archers using the range.


If you witness someone shooting broadheads, crossbows, firearms or vandalizing club property, call the park ranger.

Do not confront these individuals yourself.

  • Call the ranger/ security at the Park/Ranger Office: 321-255-4307 and report the situation.
  • If there is no answer – call the mobile ranger number: 321-302-1734.


Members, to warn shooters at the line that someone is coming out of the 3D and Connex areas, please ring the bell that is located at the juncture between these two areas (see picture).  The ringing of the bell should be followed by an “RANGE COLD” verbal indication from the shooters at the line.  Be sure that you either hear this acknowledgment or insure that no one is shooting before you enter the shooting area.


Members, to prevent damage to our lane targets lock the target doors when you are finished shooting.


Members,  unless there is an event or group lesson in progress, remember to lock the front gate after entering and after exiting the range regardless of who might be left inside the rage boundary.

To prevent the loss of the expensive lock, do not leave it unlocked if you must leave the gate open. Attach the lock to the U bolt just above the gate latch and spin the dial. Just read the sign.


Practice range – when shooting, always straddle the shooting line that runs down the middle of the concrete walkway.

Use “range hot” and “range cold” to indicate when people are shooting and when it is safe for people to retrieve their arrows.

A designated person, or common agreement between the shooters, determine the state of the range and someone should call it out.

When the range is “HOT” you are free to shoot arrows down range while straddling the firing line. When the range is “COLD” bows should be set aside and all shooting should stop. Nocking an arrow into your bow while the range is “COLD” is a violation of rage safety.


If you see that people are finished shooting or have only one or two arrows left to shoot, don’t go up to the line and start shooting a dozen arrows. Shoot until the others are finished and then you stop so everyone can go get arrows.

Talking – Be considerate of other shooters. There should be no “horsing around” or loud talking while on the shooting line. If others are shooting, keep voices down to a less distracting tone. If you wish to have a lengthy conversation with someone – step behind the line to do it.


Park only in designated parking areas – not in the lanes. The only time parking in the lanes is acceptable is when our work crew is doing maintenance on the targets. We have actually had occasions of finding people with their vehicles backed in and trying to steal a target. Yup – it has happened!

BROADHEADS – Why they are not allowed.

First off – it’s the park’s rule – not ours. But if it wasn’t the park’s, we would make it ours. Broadhead arrows are very destructive to our targets. This is the reason we had to lock the targets in the lanes. People were shooting broadheads which shreds the foam in the targets. When the targets get shot out, the park does not replace them – the club does – and they are expensive! One target cost around $900.


Please conserve our targets if you shoot tight groups – please try to move your arrow groups to other areas besides the center. This prolongs the use of the target.


Thank you for your attention, your cooperation in following these rules will enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the sport and art of archery and help insure an injury free experience for all.

Brevard Archers