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Space Coast Archery Festival 2015

In place of the Kempfer 3D shoot this year we will host the all new Space Coast Archery Festival conveniently located in our own Wickham Park Archery Range with lodging and resturants near by. This two-day event will be on April 11 and 12. The first day will be a 40 target 3D competition and second day will be either a 900 round, field round, or some combination of both. Stay tuned for details.



Kempfer Ranch 3D Shoot - 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Registration begins: 7 am
Practice range opens: 7:30 am
Lane assignments and start: 9 

Come join us for a fun 3D shoot at the beautiful Kempfer Ranch. There will be 40 foam 3D targets on 2 Ranges with 20 targets on each.

Photos from the Kempfer 3D 2010.



Trophies will be awarded in each of the following classes:

Unknown Distance classes

  • Male Freestyle (any bow, any sight)
  • Male Bowhunter (any bow, fixed-pin sight, front stabilizer<=12 inches)
  • Male Open Traditional (any longbow or recurve, no sight)
  • Male Senior Freestyle (age 65+)
  • Female Freestyle (any bow, any sight)
  • Female Bowhunter (any bow, fixed-pin sight)
  • Female Open Traditional (any longbow or recurve, no sight)
  • Young Adult, Youth and Cub Freestyle

Possessing a rangefinder on the range in any of the above classes will disqualify the shooter, and potentially other shooters in his or her group.

Known Distance classes

  • Rangefinder Freestyle (any bow, any sight)
  • Rangefinder Bowhunter (any bow, fixed-pin sight, front stabilizer <=12 inches)

There will be at least one known distance class. Males and females compete together unless there are enough shooters to create separate classes. A shooter must have his or her own rangefinder, borrow one from someone in their group, or request range information from someone in their group, since the score cards will not indicate the distance.

  • All shooters will shoot from from the adult distance stakes consistent with the equipment they are shooting (see above). For instance, freestyle competitors will shoot from the white stake; bowhunters from the red stake, etc.
  • Shooters are required to share range information if requested by another competitor in their group.
  • Shooters in this class will shoot separately from the "unknown distance" shooters. In other words, known and unknown distance shooters will not be comingled in the same group.


Equipment and classes

Freestyle: any bow, any sight, any stabilizer; shoots from the white stake (18 to 50 yards).

Bowhunter: any bow, fixed pins sight, front stabilizer up to 12" length, v-bars or sidebar of any length; shoots from the red stake (15 to 40 yards)

Olympic recurve: any recurve bow, any sight, any stabilizer; shoots from the red stake (15 to 40 yards). If there are fewer than three, will compete with in the Bowhunter class

Open Traditional: any recurve, or longbow without sights. There are no other restrictions. For instance: any arrow rest, any stabilizer, string walking is allowed, etc. Shoots from the green stake (12 to 32 yards).

Young Adult: freestyle class; shoots from green stake (12 to 32 yards).

Youth: freestyle class; shoots from the green stake (12 to 32 yards).

Cub: freestyle class; shoots from the yellow stake (8 to 20 yards)

There must be at least 3 competitors to have a class. If there are less than 3, they will be combined with the class that most closely resembles their equipment. For example, if there is only one female bowhunter, she would compete in the mens bowhunter class. Likewise, if 3 people qualify for class that we don't specify, one will be created for them. For example, if 3 people with longbows register we will create a longbow class for them.

If there is any question or dispute about what class a person is/should be shooting in, this needs to be addressed before the second round begins. No class changes will be made after lunch. Any questions or disputes should be addressed at the registration area.

Entry Fees

  • Trophy class fee - $20
  • Young Adult (15-17) - $10
  • Youth (12-14) - $5
  • Cub (11 and under) - Free


Directions: From I-95, go West on SR192 11.8 miles to gate on North side of SR192 (just East of Deer Park)

GPS coordinate of registration boot: 28.10427, -80.89066

For more info:

Call Richard Finley 321-302-4145



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