As always, all of our shoots and range are open to all shooters. All shoots start at 9am ** with registration beginning at 8:15am. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

March 2017 -- Not sure what happened to my more recent posts - but our monthly club meetings are now held at Bob Evans Restaraunt in Viera (see home page for links).  Also, many improvements have been made in the last year, thanks to our members who help to get this done.  Especially to Dave, Shannon, and Richard for making the range look so sharp.

Also, I would like to thank those who made a contribution in memory or our member, teacher, and friend, Ron Rothman, who passed away a few weeks ago.  There is now a special bench out at the range - in his memory.  He helped teach the classes and many young people got their archery start with his help.  He will be greatly missed.

Jan ----  Brevard Archers has a monthly meeting held the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm.  We have changed to a new place -- Niki's Restaurant at 6947 N. Wickham Rd in the Suntree Plaza.  That's located one light south of Suntreee Blvd.

Jan. 2016 --  HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
                   For those who have not already heard, we are increasing our membership dues to $50 for an individual, $75 for a family, and $30 for a student under 18.  None of the "old time"  club members can remember ever having a price increase so it is probably time.  With all the things we've been doing to improve the range - well - that takes money.  Even at this price -- it's still the best price of just about any archery club in the state of Florida.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 
One of the "improvements" is we have added doors and locks to the targets on the north side of the field range.  This is because we've had people (hopefully non members) shooting broadheads into them which shreds the targets.  It costs hundreds of dollars to replace one of these targets and the club cannot keep replacing them at the pace we've been doing it.  This is where it pays to be a club member ---- as a club member, you not only get the combination to the front gate, but also the combination to the locks on these targets.  We hope this will cut down on the destruction so we don't have to replace them as often.
We hope we have a great 2016 and we'll see you out at the range.

Nov. 2015 --  Many thanks to the members who have been working so hard this year to improve our range.  Especially to Shannon, Dave and Richard.  If you haven't been to the range a while, you need to go check it out. 

The 2016 schedule will be up very soon so go check it out. 

Memberships run January through December, so we are now taking renewals/new memberships for 2016.  Your dues go toward maintaining and improving the archery range.

10-29-14 -- We will be having a work party out at the range on Nov. 1 & 2 starting around 9am.  Bring gloves and any gas or battery powered tools if you wish.  We will be trimming back lanes repairing target butts and stands.  If you have questions, call Richard at 321 302-4145.

We are very saddened to report the passing of Fred Bremen, Sr. -- our founding member of Brevard Archers.  He was 89 years old.  He has left us a wonderful legacy of friendship through archery.  He will be greatly missed.  Services will be held on Saturday, Sept, 20.  1pm visitation. 2pm service.  Held at Fountainhead Memorial Funeral Home 7303 Babock st. SE (I think that's in Palm Bay)  Phone is 321 768-0776 for more information.

Aug. 15, 2014 -- Due to the weather, Indian River Archers has decided to cancel their last shoot of the year on the 16th.  We will look for them to start up again in 2015.

** Our 3D shoots during July, August, and September will be moved up an hour earlier, to try to "beat the heat" a little.  Shooting will begin at 8am - come early enough to get registered.


2-21-14  We have two shoots coming up this weekend.
On Saturday, we have an animal round -- that's not the same as 3D -- these are pictures of animals on paper targets and is shot in the "lanes".
Sunday, we will be having our annual Fred Bremen Invitational 810 honoring our founding member, Fred Bremen on his birthday. It is shot like a 900 round, only the scoring is different. You score by using only the odd numbers.
We hope that you can make it to one or both of these events.

1-16-14  I've had a few people ask about if they missed the meeting this month --- no - it's just a little later this month.  It's still the third Tuesday of the month - it's just that this year it is on the 21st.  That's as late as it can get :-)  7pm at Denny's in Suntree/Viera.  Hope to see you there.

1-9-14   Our secretary, Joyce Haniman, lost her husband very unexpectedly last week.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

12-19-13   No ballots will be sent out this year since there are no contested positions.  The 2014 officers are:
                 President -- Richard Finley
                 1st Vice Pres. -- Angie Olds
                 2nd Vice Pres. -- Tom Jordan
                 Secretary -- Joyce Haniman
                 Treasurer -- vacant at this time

9-23-13  A reminder that the October 3D will be held on the 6th, NOT on the 13th as usual.  This has been on the website calendar this way all year, so it is not a sudden change.  We just wanted to remind people.  We have done this the last 3 years to avoid the FAA (state) Target Championship scheduled that weekend.  The
FAA shoot is a 900 round on Saturday and a 600 on Sunday.  We encourage you to go.  For more info go to   In addition to this, we will hold an "All Traditional" 3D on October 13th for those that are not going to the FAA shoot.  There will be 15 targets - go around once - shoot two arrows.  Get back to our archery roots.  So dust off that recurve or longbow and come on out for some fun.

9-23-13  Angie will be offering a Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification Course on October 19.  This will be an all day class (8am to 5-ish pm).  The cost will be $60.   Certification is good for three years.  If you are interested, or have questions, email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9-20-13  Starting in October, we will be adding another (paper) target shoot of some kind on the Saturday before the 4th Sunday target shoot.  So, for October, we will have (besides our 3D on the 6th) a 900 round on the 26th and a Field round on the 27th.   November shoots will be 3D on the 10th, an animal round on the 23rd
and a combo 600/14 field round on the 24th.  December only has a 3D on the 8th.

6-21-13  We want to wish our own Angelica Ramirez GOOD LUCK this weekend in California, where she is competing in the SoCal Showdown.  This is a USAT (US Archery Team) qualifying event, where if she does well (which she will) she can go to the JOAD Nationals in Ohio next month to possibly qualify for the Junior US Archery Team.  We're proud of you and all your accomplishments!!!

6-11-13   Brevard Archers was well represented at the Sunshine State Games last weekend. Pretty much everyone came home with at least one medal.  There were four events - you could do up to two.  Here is our list of winners.     
FITA round:
Angelica Ramirez -- Jr Female Compound Release -- Gold*
Angel Ramirez -- Adult Male Compound Release -- Gold 
Angie Olds -- 60+ Master Female Olympic Recurve -- Gold*    
Field Round:
Blake Haniman -- Young Adult Male Freestyle -- Gold
Joyce Haniman -- Adult Female Freestyle -- Bronze
Cole McDade -- Youth Bowhunter Freestyle -- Gold
Sean McDade -- Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle -- Silver    
Blake Haniman -- Young Adult Male Freestyle -- Silver
Joyce Haniman -- Adult Female Freestyle -- Silver
Cole McDade -- Youth Bowhunter Freestyle -- Gold
Sean McDade -- Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle -- Silver    
900 Round:
Pierce Shuey -- Youth Male Freestyle -- Silver
Angelica Ramirez -- Young Adult Female Freestyle -- Silver
Blanca Ramirez -- Adult Female Freestyle -- Silver
Mike Shuey -- Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle -- Silver
Angie Olds -- Silver Sr. Female Olympic Recurve -- Gold*   
(* denotes a SSG record)
Congratulations to everyone - we are proud of you!!!  Perhaps next year, more of our Brevard Archers members will participate in this fun event.


6-5-13  Congratulations to our own Angelica Ramirez for bringing home a bronze medal from Gator Cup this past weekend.  She shot in the Compound Cadet Womens division.  For those who do not know, Gator Cup is a USA Archery USAT Qualifying Event.  That is, this is where the US World Team is selected.  Only Junior and Senior archers can qualify for the team, cadets have to wait -- but keep up this kind of shooting, Angelica and we will see you traveling the world with the team!!  Good Show!!

5-23-13  The "fun shoot" that is scheduled for Monday the 27th, will be a 600 round.  Shooting starts at 9am so be there early to register.

5-19-13  The scores for the 2013 Kempfer Ranch 3D tournament have been posted.

5-18-13   We had great weather and a really great turnout for this year's Kempfer 3D.  We had 172 registered participants!!  So many that we ran out of trophies.  If you have a trophy coming, please be patient - we will order more and then either deliver it (if you live in Brevard Co.) or ship it to you.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and an even bigger THANK YOU to all our club members who prepared the range, transported, set up and tore down. People don't usually think about us having to take DOWN all those tents/awnings.  And also, thank you to the girls from Girl Scout troop 2063 for giving us a hand by filling in with jobs where needed.
We are already planning ways to make next year's Kempfer shoot even better.

We will hopefully have scores posted by the end of the week - if not sooner.     Thank you everybody!!

3-21-13  The archery range will be closed starting on Thursday March 21 and will reopen to the public on Tuesday, March 26.  They are having the Runaway Country concert over the weekend.

2-5-13     We have an ASA qualifier 3D coming up on Sunday Feb. 10.  We will be setting up 15 unknown on the 3D range and 15 known distance in the field lanes. This will hopefully alleviate any crowded conditions if we have a large turnout.

As many of you know, there was a "controlled" burn that burned most of the 3D range and destroyed many of the bow racks and benches.  If you have stools and bow stands, you may want to bring them with you.
Also, because of the still somewhat smokey conditions - if you have respiratory problems, you may want to think twice. Otherwise, the lanes are going to be cleared and set up. On the bright side -- missed arrows will be easy to find :-)

1-18-13  At the last meeting of 2012, we announced our Brevard Archers Shooter of the Year awards.   The winners are:
Compound Freestyle:  Steve Clark
Compound Bowhunter:  Rick Welch
Traditional:  Kathy Fox

Congratulations to you.  It was decided at the November meeting to discontinue Shooter of the Year after 2012. 

Since we have not been able to update the website since last year, here's some of what's been going on.

We have our new officers in place - you can find them on the "About us" page under contacts.  We are still working on that page but some info is there.

We had over 60 shooters at our first 3D of the year.  The perfect weather must have brought them out.  We have a Field round coming up on the 27th.  We hope to see you there.

Our lessons also had a good turn out in January.  Since last summer, we have had so many people register for them that we have added an afternoon session as well as the morning. 

I think 2013 is off to a great start.  We hope you all are there to help us make it so.


1-18-13  HAPPY NEW YEAR -- As you can see - our new website is up and running.  We've been trying to get the bugs out since late last year and are making some progress.  I hope you all like what you see and we hope to continue adding to it as we continue on in this new year.



9-3-12  We are going to have a work party at the range on September 15, 2012.  Some people will be there as early as 7am, but if you can't make it that early, that's ok - come when you can.  We are going to be rebuilding the field targets (in the lanes) which are in dire need of work.  We will also be working on fixing up the distance markers. The more people that we have come out to help, the more we can get done and done quicker.  As an added bonus -- Sterve Clark is going to bring his barbeque cooker and the club will provide a nice lunch to the folks who come work and their families. We will eat when we are finished working, whenever that is.  If you can help out, let Richard Finley know so we will know how much food Steve needs to get.  Richard's email is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or you can call him at 321 302-4145.


7/27: I got an email from a reporter from and he would like to do a story on our club. He would like to talk to us and get some pictures of members shooting, so we are going to hold an impromtu, friendly shoot on Sunday morning at 9. It's going to be HOT and even a 600 round might be too long - so maybe a "300" (half of a 600) or whatever we decide at the time. It's just a friendly shoot, but if you have club shirts, wear them.
See you there.


We had an great time at our meeting/banquet on Tuesday night (12/20). We gave out our Shooter of the year awards, a few other awards, and lots and lots of door prizes!
Shooter of the year went to:

  • Ivone Luchette -- Compound Freestyle
  • Tom Jordan -- Compound Bowhunter
  • Michel LaPointe -- Non-Compound

Thank you to everyone who participated.  It was a lot of fun.  Congratulations to the winners.  We will do this again in 2012.


12-09 We will be having an end of the year banquet at Denny's on Dec. 20 (our regular meeting night and place; on Wickham Rd near I-95).  It will be at 6:30 pm instead of our regular 7pm.  This is so everyone will have a little more time to eat (we will order off the regular menu).  We wll have a short business meeting, hand out a few awards - including Shooter of the Year, and election results. This should be a fun night.  We hope to see you all there.
10-27 We have had a very hot summer - but now that the weather is starting to cool down, I hope that we can get some much needed work done out at the range. We hope that everyone who is available will come out and help us. I will be sending out emails letting you know when the work parties are. You don't have to come everytime, but the more help we get - the sooner we will be able to get things done.
Our first ever Brevard Archers Shooter of the Year competition is going to be ending soon. We've had a great turn out to our shoots - especially over the summer. To see where everyone stands, visit the Shooter of the Year page.
5-23 Summer archery camps for kids is available through Satellite Beach Recreation Dept. For details and/or registration go to:

5-15 Our 20th annual Kempfer Ranch 3D was a BIG success with 145 shooters coming from all over the state. Things went pretty smoothly - with the exception of a few weather issues. We would like to thank everyone who helped to make it all come together. We could not have done it without you - so - a big thank you to everyone who helped get the lanes trimmed and raked, repaired targets, loaded and transported targets and stuff from the park, setting out targets, set up tents, helped with registration, helped with the raffle, donated items, tear down and transporting back, unloading, the list goes on and on.... This is a team effort and the team really came together for this. THANK YOU! And especially to Hoppy Kempfer and his family, we could not have done it without your support.

We have a 900 round coming up on May 22. Also, the next 3D will be June 12 and it is an ASA qualifier. Because it is an ASA shoot, there will only be 15 targets set out. Also, we go into "summer mode" for June, July, and August and will only set out 15 targets for these shoots.


5-7 We had a great turnout for setting up for the Kempfer shoot today. We are looking forward to a BIG turnout next Saturday. Lanes are trimmed, Targets are in place, Tents are up, Donations received and everything is ready to go. We are hoping for a great turnout for our 20th Annual Kempfer. We are all looking forward to a great time. Hope to see you there!!


4-11 As many of you know, Wickham Park is going to be having a BIG country concert on Friday and Saturday. The park is going to be closed from Thursday - Sunday. This means that we cannot have our lessons on Saturday. We will reschedule the lessons for April 30.


3-10 Don't forget - we have a 3D shoot coming up on Sunday and also a club meeting on Tuesday at Denny's. Hope to see you there. Set up for the 3D will be Saturdayafternoon at 2:00. If you are able bodied - we could use the help in setting up the 3D targets.


3-2 The Fred Bremen 810 Round was a great success. By the way - Happy Belated Birthday, Fred. We had 26 shooters and some really awesome weather. This is also the second shoot that counts toward the Brevard Shooter of the Year. Those rankings are posted on the Shooter of the Year page.

We are currently selling raffle tickets for a couple of bows. The tickets are $5 each and there will only be 150 tickets sold so your chances will not be "diluted". The bows are provided by Tino at All About Archery -- Thanks Tino, for your support. You can buy the tickets either from Tino at his shop or from us at one of the shoots. The winning tickets will be drawn at Kempfer - however, you don't have to be present to win.

Indoor season is continuing at the local shops. Southern Draw is starting another session on Thursday, March 3rd. Also Action Gun & Archery is doing their Techno Hunt league. See their websites for details (they are on our "links" page).


2-17 We had a great turnout for the 3D shoot last Sunday. We had over 60 shooters present. The scores are up on the scores page. The ASA shooters are on the left and the regular club shooters are listed on the right. Great shooting everyone!


2-11 We are going to be selling tickets to raffle off a couple of bows - starting with the 3D shoot on Sunday. Tickets will be $5 each, but only a limited number will be sold. When they're gone - they're gone! This will increase your chances of winning.

Details about the bows will be available at Sunday's shoot and will also be up on the website soon.


2-1 A few months ago, I (Angie Olds) was named 2010 Female Shooter of the Year for the Florida Archery Association. I thought that a similar competition would create interest and be of benefit to the club. For details about how this is going to be done, check our home page for a new page that will appear soon. This will begin with our February 3D shoot and will be for members only (so make sure your memberships are current). I think that this will be great fun!!! I hope you all will will enjoy it. (AO)


1-11 - Scores from Sunday's 3D are posted.

Titusville and Indian River are both starting up their 3D shoots this Saturday. For more information - go to our "links" page. Have fun deciding which one to go to.

Also, don't forget, we have a club meeting on Tuesday evening. 7pm at Denny's on Wickham near I-95. (AO)


1-10 What a way to start the new year!! We had a great turn out for our first 3D for the year with over 40 shooters turning out on a fine crisp morning. Scores will be posted shortly. (AO)


1-7-11 We hope everyone had a great holiday. Now it's time to start a new year - with our first shoot of the year (3D shoot) coming up on Sunday the 9th. Of course - we also have our monthly lesson on Saturday the 8th. We hope to see you all there!! (AO)


12-26 We had a work party of eight come out to inventory the 3D animals. Our general guidence is that new animals will be official ASA targets and will be the XT versions (XT has the inexpensive replaceable cores) . We have a tentative list of seven new animals to order. Some repairable animals were loaded into Rob's truck. Rob will order necessary supplies to fix these animals. Thank you Rob for undertaking this labor intensive project! (TJ)

12-25 The 2011 schedule has been posted. (TJ)

12-21 We will have the 2011 schedule posted soon. 3D's will always be the second Sunday. It's the others we are still working on so please keep checking back with us.


12-20 It's that time of year and I have a hard time keeping up with everything. Thanksgiving was so late this year, and then it was straight into Christmas mode. For me, also add the FL Senior Games and NAFAC down in Homestead and I've been downright busy -so I will try to do better at keeping up with the posts. We also have a couple of other people who can update now so that should help some. They are Richard Finley and Tom Jordan.

We had a Delta Indoor shoot last Saturday at Southern Draw. We only had 3 shooters, but Rick Welch made it really exciting. He was shooting a perfect score right up until his last arrow!! He missed the 8 ring of all things - He got all the hard ones and missed the biggest one. He ended up witha score of 432 out of a possible 440. Rounding out the rest of the group was Philip Hopkins with a 322 and Richard Finley with a 290.

As many of you know - I am purging/updating our email list. Some of you who don't get email from me need to email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  There are a few of you whose emails bounce back to me. I probably typed them in incorrectly or whatever - but if you have not already done so - EMAIL ME with your name and to be added to the email list. I am doing a copy/paste so all the emails will be correct.


11-15 We have a lot of new members who may not be aware of the gate policy at the range. It is VERY important that you close and lock the gate behind you when you leave. Be sure to "scramble" the numbers on the lock,also. That also needs to be done while the gate is open. We have had problems with the locks being taken (go figure) so they must be locked (even when the gate is open) and the numbers scrambled. This is all to prevent other people from driving back there and vandalizing or taking items.

Speaking of vandals - Sometime Saturday afternoon after our 3D range was set out, it was hit again by vandals. We found and reset the stakes and found all of the target pieces except for two heads. Those two targets will have to be replaced - I'm sure at our expense. These targets are NOT cheap. They also damaged some of the benches and and bowracks. Also taken was the water keg stand near the front of the 3D course. Richard buried the post 4 feet to prevent this from happening. I had joked at the time that maybe we should cement it in also. Didn't know at the time that that would actually be necessary. If anyone has any information about this incident, please let us know.

We will be discussing this in further detail at the meeting on Tuesday. Please be there if you can.


11-15 Our November meeting is this Tuesday at Denny's - 7pm - on Wickham Rd. just east of I-95. We would sure like for our newer members to come out and meet "the regulars" at the meeting.

Scores from Sunday's 3D have been posted on the scores page.


10-26 Sunday's 900 Round was a great success. We had a good crowd and great weather. Don Tipton even got a "Robin Hood" at the expense of one of Angel Ramirez' arrows - sorry Angel :-( You'll just have to do one of his next time! Anyway - scores are posted on the scores page. (AO)


10-20 Don't forget this Sunday is our 900 Round. We've been waiting for the weather to cool (and my foot to heal) so we could get out and do some trimming and getting things spruced up. We've also been working on the targets and it appears we've taken care of the pass through problem. We hope you will all come out and shoot with us.


10-12 Scores for Sunday's3D shoot are posted. 3D shoots from here on out are back to 20 targets and full price of $15 for non members; $10 for members.


10-7 Don't forget our 3D coming up this Sunday at Wickham Park. We are changing back to our regular time now that summer is over. It should be very nice weather for shooting - so put it on your calendar and come join us.


9-28 Don't forget the Techno-Hunt indoor shoot coming up on Oct 2 at Action Gun & Archery (formerly Accurate Archery). I looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.


9-26 We had a small but enthusiastic group for the Animal Round this morning. Also, some nice weather for shooting. For the scores, go to the "scores" page. We have a great schedule coming up for the rest of the year, so come and join us when you can.


9-19 Don't forget our monthly meeting coming up this Tuesday - Denny's at Wickham & I 95 -- 7pm

I sent out an email notice to everyone on our mailing list, but I get several email addresses that "bounce" back. If you have not received an email about the meeting, please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so I can correct it or add it to the list.


9-18 Today was the first day of hunting season so we had five people shoot the ASA Indoor 3D at Southern Draw Outfitters. I think all would agree -- IT WAS A LOT OF FUN!!! We didn't do the timing thing since we were all new to it, but we could see where the timing would add a whole other dimension to the event. Scores are posted on the "scores" page.


9-2 Starting in September, there will be an Indoor shoot with Delta paper 3D targets at Southern Draw Outfitters in Palm Bay, on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Shooting will start at 9am. For more info and rules for this type of indoor shoot go to:


Also, starting in October, Action Gun & Archery (formerly Accurate Archery) will have a Techno-Hunt indoor shoot on the first Saturday of the month. I will post more details as they come in.

Since other clubs in the area are "closed down" for the rest of the year because of hunting season, we are trying to take up the slack by providing more shoots for our non-hunting shooters. Please check our schedule for these shoot dates.


8-30 Spend part of your Labor Day weekend with us at our Indoor shoot coming up on September 5th. Go to the main menu and click on 300 Round for more details.


8-26 Thank you to all who came to our indoor shoot last Sunday in Palm Bay. We are going to do it again on Sunday, Sept 5 (Labor Day weekend) but this time it will be in Melbourne at Action Gun & Archery (formerly Accurate Archery). Same time, rules, etc. as the last indoor shoot. Click on the 300 Round Invitational on the Main Menu on our home page. We're giving out trophies - so check us out.


8-19 Don't forget the indoor shoot this Sunday at Southern Draw Outfitters in Palm Bay. It looks like it's going to be a great facility to shoot in.

There will be an Archery Instructor Certification course held on Sept. 25 & 26 at Southern Draw Outfitters. The class will go all day Saturday and afternoon on Sunday. Cost will be $45. The certification is good for 3 years. I'll have more details a little bit later - but for now - save the date. The scores from the last 3D are up on the website. Thank you to everyone who came to shoot - we appreciate your support.



8-10 It was just pointed out to me that the email address on the Indoor pre-registration form is incorrect. It should be  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

It has been corrected on the website. Sorry for any inconvenience.


8-9 We had a good turnout for the 3D yesterday - just over 30 shooters!! Thank you for coming out and getting an unexpected "shower". Actually, we need the rain - and it felt good. I will try to get scores posted in the next day or two.

Also -- a pin (not the kind you aim with) was found on the ground that may have fallen off of someone's quiver or whatever. If you are missing one - and can tell me what is on it - it shall be returned.

Don't forget our INDOOR shoot coming up on the 22nd of this month. Go to the main menu on the home page and click on "300 Round" for information.


8-6 The information and pre-registration form is up on the website -- go to the main menu and click on "300 Round Invitational"


8-4 I recently sent out information about our upcoming Indoor shoot to our email lists. I have about 10 email addresses that have "bounced" back to me. If you are a member of Brevard Archers, or have signed up to be on our email list, and did not receive this email, please email me so I can get your correct email address. Thank you.


7-29 -- Details are being worked out for our Indoor shoot on August 22. It will be at Southern Draw Outfitters in Palm Bay. Save the date and check back later for more details.

I participated in the US National Target Championship held in Ohio last week. It was a BLAST!! I got to shoot a Clout round - which meant I had to shoot at a short flag 125 meters out in an open field. (which is approximately 135 yards)! I came within 3 inches of the flag several times. After 30 arrows, I won the women's recurve class for the Clout. The FITA portion - I didn't win anything, but I did set a new personal best so I was happy about that. I had a great time and got to meet many nice people. 


7-14 Hey everybody!!!! BREVARD ARCHERS is now on Facebook! Check it out!


7-14 - The rest of our shoots for July, August and September will go to "SUMMER MODE". That is - registration starts at 7:15am; shooting starts at 8am. 3D shoots will have 15 targets instead of the usual 20. Because of that, the price will be dropped on the 3D's for non members to $10 instead of $12. Members still pay $8. All other shoots will be the usual number of targets at the regular price. We hope this will help us all survive the summer season a little more comfortably. We will plan to go back to our regular schedule in October.


7-8 The next time you go to the range, you'll see that things are getting spruced up a bit with a new paint job. We have Don Tipton to thank for this! He has spent many hot and long hours painting the range rules sign and the gate posts. He even moved the post that holds the gate open at the front entrance - thus widening it. It really looks nice. Thanks a million Don.


7-7 Don't forget -- 3D this Sunday. We are in "summer mode" so we are only shooting 15 targets instead of the usual 20. There may be more changes in future summer shoots, so check back for updates.

Also, I'd like to thank Robert Dudley and Lexington Hotel in Indian Harbor Beach, for all of the work he has done for the club. He has done an outstanding job of repairing our 3D targets - better than new!! He also made the portable scoreboards that we had at the Kempfer shoot in May.


6-10 Don't forget - we have our regular monthly meeting this Tuesday at Denny's -- 7pm.


5- 30 I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. Let's remember the reason for the holiday as we go about our weekend activities.

There is going to be an informal Field Shoot at the Wickham Park Range on Monday morning -- shooting starts at 9am. The cost is free, but a donation is always appreciated.


5-24 Great weather yesterday for our 900 round! A bit warm, but a light breeze made it bearable. We had 14 shooters participate. See scores on scores page.


5-18 Well, Kempfer Ranch Shoot is over for another year and it was a resounding success!!! Thank you to everybody who came to support us. We had 138 shooters despite the competition in Tampa that so many thought would sink us. I would especially like to thank our vendors for the items they donated for our successful raffle - especially the bows that were raffled off. Those who donated bows were: SOUTHERN DRAW OUTFITTERS, ACTION GUN & ARCHERY, O.J. McGill and Shawn Baillargeon. ALL ABOUT ARCHERY also donated quite a number of items. Thank you all very much for your generous donations.

We are already thinking about ways to improve things for next year - it will be our 20th so we have to make it special. Again - thank you to everyone for your support.


ALSO ---- Don't forget - our 900 round is this Sunday at the range. Registration starts at 8:15 - shoot starts at 9am.


4-20 I have had several people contact me about lessons for their children this summer besides our "once a month" lessons. 

Go to and check out page 9. (You'll have to copy/paste the URL - I don't know how to do links yet ;-)


4-19 Remember -- meeting this Tuesday at Denny's - 7pm.

Animal Round shoot on Sunday!!


4-13 Don't forget, Indoor league starts at Accurate Archery this Thursday. Call 751-2303 for info.

Thank you to all 47 shooters who came out to our 3D on Sunday. A really fun shoot and we couldn't have asked for better weather! We appreciate all the hard work "our crew" does setting up and taking down the course - Thank you!! Thank you Rob D. for the wonderful "rehab" you do with the old targets - they are better than new!


4-12 Southern Draw Outfitters in Palm Bay will be starting their indoor league night on Tuesday, April 27 at 6:30pm. It will run for 6 weeks and the cost is $10/night. For more information or to sign up - call 676-8712. 


4-3 Update on Tim Austin -- He is out of the hospital and in a rehab facility. He is making progress everyday and we look forward to the day we get to see him again at the FAA shoots. His family is grateful for all the prayers.


4-2 Please note the the date for the April 3D was incorrect on the schedule page. It is April 11 - not April 10. Sorry for the mix up.

Also, the indoor league at Accurate Archery is due to start on April 15 (not the 8th as they said previously). Shooting will start at 6:30 pm. The cost will be $10 per week and runs for 5 weeks. Call Accurate Archery at (321) 751-2303 to sign up.


3-30 We had a great field shoot on Sunday. We had people from near and far join us. The weather was perfect - the rain held off for us. The scores will be posted - but not everyone turned in a score card. Also, the list will only have names and scores - no classes. They were on the score cards - which I don't have. One of these days - we'll figure out a way to get this all done completely.


3 - 30 Tim Austin is still in the hospital, but doing MUCH better. For updates and sending him get well greetings, you can go to


3-27 Today the 4H'ers had their "fair" shoot at the range. We had 42 young people from all over central Florida participating. Everything went smoothly - including the weather - and everyone seemed to have a good time. Especially one young man who got a "Robin Hood". Congratulations, Cory!! We look forward to continuing our partnership with "Mr. Gus" and his 4H boys and girls.


3-24 Don't forget our Field shoot coming up this Sunday. It will be a lot of fun and we hope for a great turnout.


3-24 Just thought I would give you an update on Florida's "man of archery", Tim Austin. He is out of ICU, but is still in the hospital in Gainesville. He got a bad staph infection from a splinter he picked up in his finger, a couple of months ago. He did what he was supposed to, removed splinter, disinfected, etc, but the staph still got in there. Anyway, he is doing better, but still fighting the infection near his heart and around the base of his spine. He still has a long road ahead of him so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


3-15 We had a great 3D shoot yesterday with over 50 shooters participating. We had many visitors as well as some old friends that we haven't seen in a while. The weather was great after all the cold we've had the last couple of months. A few of the lanes were wet enough that we did not set out all 20 targets.

A big THANK YOU to all who came out and we hope to see you again.


2-4 Tim Austin, secretary/treasurer of the FAA and SE councilman for the NFAA, is in intensive care in a Gainesville hospital. As of yesterday, they didn't know what was wrong, but think maybe an infection of some kind. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. If you are need to call about the indoor shoot this weekend in Newberry, call Bob Jones (FAA pres.) at (352) 586-8541. 

2-2 We had a great turnout for the Fred Bremen 810 Invitational. The weather started out a bit chilly, but did warm up so it was comfortable. For those of you who are not familiar with what an 810 round is - it is just like a 900 round except the scoring is done with only the odd numbers (ie: 9, 7, 5, 3, 1 -- no 10's or X's). Ivone Luchette shot an 808 -- yup - he only missed one out of the yellow and that was because of an inopportune wind gust. Great shooting! And another Happy Birthday to Fred. 

1-24 Thank you to everyone who came out for our indoor shoot at Accurate Archery - escpecially those who drove quite a ways for it. It was a great success and everyone had a great time. Thanks for supporting our club.

Note the earlier post about the indoor league -- the starting date has changed.


1-18 Meeting this Tuesday at Denny's 7pm. Let's get the new year off to a good start!


1-8 Because of the weather, we will plan to start shooting the 3D at 10am and hope it has a chance to warm up a bit. If people are there and want to start at 9 - we will go ahead and let them start. Hopefully, the icicles will be melted by then.


1-8 Lessons for Jan 9 have been canceled due to weather and illness. Please re-register for the lessons in February.


1-8 There is going to be an Indoor archery league starting at Accurate Archery starting Feb. 3Thursday, February 11, at 6:30 pm. The cost will be $10 per week and runs for 5 weeks. Call Accurate Archery at (321) 751-2303 to sign up. There are only 16 spots available, so call - don't delay.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !



Angie Olds has been elected President, Chuck Broadhurst and Richard Finley have been elected Vice Presidents, and Lee Austin has been elected Treasurer.

Come give congrats at the next shoot in January shoot.

Also register now for the 300 Indoor Invitational at Accurate Archery.


The following is a message from new President Angie Olds:

Brevard Archers wishes to thank Paul Tucker for his years of devotion and leadership. He has brought the club along with a steady dedication to the many details required to make Brevard Archers the most active archery club in central Florida. He has worked many long hours with organizations, including 4-H, to promote the sport of archery. The club looks forward to his continued support and participation in our events.

Any club is only as good as its members. Brevard Archers is proud to have some very devoted workers. The club would like to thank a few members who have gone above and beyond this last year to make sure that our range is safe and well maintained. A BIG thank you to (in no particular order); Buz Wood, Jim Lemon, Robert Gagliardi, Rob Dudley, Shawn Baillargeon, Ivone Luchette, Chuck Broadhurst, Lee Austin and Richard Finley. Thanks, guys for all your hard work.

The “Founding Father” of Brevard Archers, Fred Bremen Sr. is still very active in the club and well loved by all who know him. At the age of 84 he is our most senior member. Fred still prepares the target faces for the field and animal rounds as well as some other things that need doing. His advice and guidance is always appreciated. We all look forward to seeing him at our events.

Brevard Archers also wishes to thank Jim and Forest Palmer of Accurate Archery for their continued support and participation. Other sponsors we wish to thank include; Osceola Outfitters, Gator Pest Control, and Luchetti Construction.

I am looking forward to serving as the president in 2010 and appreciate all the kind words of support I have received. I have some big shoes to fill, but with such a great group of people to work with, I think I am up to the challenge.





We also had planned to have a Tradtional only shoot on Sunday. Obviously, this will be rescheduled for another time.



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