Brevard Archers was founded in 1981, by Fred Bremen, Sr. He participates in all of our events and is deeply respected throughout the archery community. As an advisor and mentor he has handed down many great things to our club as well as to those around him. Please enjoy below;

       "A letter from Fred".


    I started shooting a bow in competition in 1952, with the Bronx Archers in New York.  After I was transfered to Miami in the late 1950's, I would shoot in the sail loft, (I was a sail maker), early in the morning before the business day started.

    I retired in 1981 and moved to Palm Bay where I met some other archers and formed, Palm Bay Archers. Shortly after, we moved to Wickham Park and changed the club name to Brevard Archers. We traveled all over Florida almost every weekend for many years shooting 3D, Target, and Field Rounds.

    I have six Florida State Championships in the Senior Division, and about 75 medals. I was awarded the Dillard Bucklen Award for meritorious service for becoming club president the fourth time. At the 2006 Kemper Ranch 3D Shoot, I was awarded the 25 year-Founding Member trophy. I also have a FAA-Robin Hood Award at 35 yards and was a staff shooter for Browning for 10 years. I was presented with a beautiful Eagle Trophy for being the director of archery for the Space Coast Senior Games from 1995-2002. I am a lifetime member NFAA, FAA, and Brevard Archers.

    I am now going on 86 years old. I shoot often but that is starting to depend on summer heat, hurricanes, and how I feel. My eyes aren't what they used to be so I  had to switch from left handed to shooting a right handed bow, not so easy to do. Sometimes walking is tough due to complete knee replacements, congestive heart failure, and a defibrillator in my chest, but it sure beats the alternative.

    Keep the green side up and your feathers dry,

    Fred Bremen, Sr.


  Truly Fred serves as an inspiration to all who share the "Sport of Champions"



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