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Come share in the friendship and unity of fellow archers. We invite you and welcome your participation in our events.

Brevard Archers membership is made up of all levels of shooters from beginners to champions and all styles of shooting including traditional, Olympic recurve, and compound.

Brevard Archers is an FAA/NFAA Charter Club. We are also chartered through ASA (Archery Shooters Association). 

Our range is open to the public at all times with 14 field archery lanes, a practice range with target butts at 20 to 70 yards, and adjacent to it an area for 900 round competitions. We also have a nice wooded area with 20 lanes dedicated to our monthly 3D shoots. All shooters are welcome to participate in all of our shoots.

Exerting its influence on human development over a profoundly long time period, from 25,000 BC to 1600 AD, archery is one of the most influential inventions in history. By greatly extending the effective lethal range over other weapons of the day, hunters were not only more effective, but also enjoyed greater safety hunting large dangerous game. Thus, they were not only more likely to provide essential protein and calories for themselves, their offspring, and tribal clan on a given hunt; but were also more likely to dodge injury and continue providing on future hunts.

Greater range also allowed archery empowered clans to migrate from the dense forests into the open plains and savanna - habitats that they were ill-equipped to master with previous weaponry such as spears, clubs, tomahawks, slings, and knives. The versatile bow and arrow allowed man, for the first time, to dominate the landscapes he entered, harvesting the meat and furs of big game and predators.

Archery was a game changing technology in our nomadic past and remained a decisive military weapon until the widespread use of firearms (1400s).

As a result, it is highly likely that one or more occasions in the last 1200 generations, the survival of one of your ancestors hinged on a particular arrow in flight finding its mark - to either satisfy a desperate hunger, or emerge victorious in battle. Thus, to learn archery is to experience a key element of one's own ancestral past.

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Take Archery Lessons

Taking an archery class is an excellent way to see if you are interested in archery - all equipment is provided.  If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it.  All lessons are at the archery range at Wickham Park, Melbourne, FL.

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Feel free to attend the next business meeting held 3rd Tuesday of every month, at Denny's in the Suntree area, Melbourne, 7pm. Click the link for a map. See you there.

Local archery shops to visit:

All About Archery, LLC.
2149 Aurora Rd
Melbourne, FL
(321) 622-6888

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